Excel / SIMS import

Problem : After spending hours writing reports in excel for pupils I then need to copy and paste each one into the right columns in SIMS.  This also takes ages.

I always felt there was a way to import the entire data sheet – and there is.  It is actually pretty simple, and this blog is about how to do it.  This is the 10 stage process – it takes about 30 seconds in total after you write your reports.

Step 1 : Export the marksheet from SIMS into excel – as a formatted sheet.


Step 2 : Unprotect the sheet – to do this right click on the sheet name, then click unprotect


Step 3 : Write your reports


Step 4 : Protect the sheet (right click the tab name, click protect, ok)

Step 5 : Save your excel file as a xms file type

Step 6 : Go back into SIMS, go to Routines, Data In, Assessment and Import from Spreadsheet


Step 7 : Click the folder icon, find your file.


Step 8 : Click ok to the dialogue box confirming the names of the columns


Step 9 : Click next twice

Step 10 : The columns look like they are blank. Click out of the marksheet and load it up and they will be there.

I take no responsibility for this post!  It works for me but please check your reports and marksheets carefully!



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