#5Pledges for the New Year

As I mentally prepare for next academic year, I am forced to consider what will I do differently next year? If I think back over the last one I had no idea of the opportunities, cpd and training I would be given. Equally I would never have thought my teaching and learning strategies would have changed so much. Sure I made many mistakes, and since pupils I still never mastered effectively, but over all out was a good year.

So what if next? Like new year resolutions are set on January what five pledges can we realistically make? That’s my challenge to all of us hard working professionals. Let’s share them with #5Pledges

My five are

1 To ensure that my marking stays effective and helpful for pupils, ensuring they know how progress and have DIRT time in lesson to show this. This will lead to better monitoring of pupils, thus hopefully better lessons!

2 To try one new teaching idea a month, doesn’t sound like a lot but I’m trying to be realistic as it involves lots of twitter research and blog monitoring!

3 Offer high quality CPD training to 3 members of staff, and hopefully provide it to 2!

4 Get to know 1 thing that my pupil’s like personally for those pupils I struggle to form a positive relationship with and develop this to help form good relationships.

5 Build in personal time-read one book a month – not based on education!

Why not tweet me yours @sheltont101 or share yours #5Pledges


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