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UPDATE #REshare has been running for four years, and now has over 100 active users and over 600 resources – sharing #reteacher resources. Thanks to all collaborators for their input.

To sign up please email and I will send you the link to access it.  Please upload as well as download!

Many thanks

Original Post on launch in 2013….

Further to a post on Twitter earlier from me (@sheltont101) I wondered if there was any appetite for RE teachers to share resources online for free.  There are some sites similar to this, however they often charge money, when facilities (like google drive) offer free file hosting. TES is great, but it’s massive and I find I often don’t know where to start!

As a trial then, I have launched RE:Share.  The idea of this site is that however many files you upload, you can download.  Now there are no restrictions on proving you have done this, however due to the way that google drive works I will need to add you as a shared user.  I’ve started off putting some of mine on.

Why not ‘sign up’ for free, by emailing me your email by direct mailing @sheltont101 on twitter or emailing me with your email on  It uses googledrive so is accessable anywhere – so all you need to know is how to use it!  It seems quite intuitive. When I have your details I’ll send the link to you for the site – please let all the RE teachers know you know – the more the merrier.

Please could I ask though that we don’t share anything copyrighted or anything with photo’s of pupils on to help with the old safeguarding issues. Let’s be creative.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me and I’ll try and get back to you.


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